• 400g winter melon, peeled
  • 2 pieces of frozen frog leg, defrosted
  • 60g Yunnan ham, finely diced
  • 8 pieces of dried lotus seed, soak for about 3 hour
  • 2 pieces of dried conpoys, well soaked and shredded
  • little bit of finely chopped coriander
  • 400ml chicken stock
  •  little bit of Chinese cooking rice wine
  • little bit of white pepper powder
  • little bit of chicken powder
  • little bit of sesame oil
  • little bit of potato starch
  1.  Marinade the frog leg with little bit of all seasoning for about 20 minutes, set aside;
  2. Remove seeds and core from winder melon, chop in large pieces and place them around inside edge of the Le Creuset 14cm Round French Oven
  3. Add frog leg, Yunnan ham dice, shredded conpoy and lotus seed in the middle of the winter melon, put the lid on;
  4. Pour water in another Le Creuset 24cm Round French Oven about a quarter full, bring to boil in low heat until boiling up;
  5. Place the above (4) Le Creuset 14cm Round French Oven into the Le Creuset 24cm Round French Oven, put the lid on, keep boiling up for 30 minutes under low heat, turn the heat off and set for another 5 minutes;
  6. Finally sprinkle some fine chopped spring onion and coriander onto the egg and serve hot with the whole Round French Oven


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